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Established in November 1999, Amina’s Wonder Spice started with humble beginnings, a great idea & very hard work. This husband and wife partnership established a fully-pledged factory, producing 17 different products to date, supplying it nationally throughout South Africa & recently receiving requests from abroad. The essence and core of this quality based company is that all its products are ready mixed, “ready to use” spices and additives to make cooking simpler, easier and less time consuming. The success of Amina’s Wonder Spice is directly the result of finding a niche market amongst housewives, butchers and caterers.

History - Working for a clothing retailer in Durban, South Africa Abdulgani Rahman found it difficult to survive on his salary and was on the outlook for an alternative. Being asked to organize a barbeque for his then employers, a brilliant idea evolved. Guests complimented his marinade and some even suggested he mixes the marinade, bottle it and then sell it.

With an initial outlay of just R375 ($60), Amina, his wife and Abdulgani bottled their first two products viz. Chicken Tikka and Steak & Chops. They both believed the taste to be unusual. With no motor vehicle or any financial backing, the challenge to build Amina’s Wonder Spice began. Abdulgani began using his tea and lunch breaks to sell his products to owners and workers of surrounding shops. Due to the demand for his products, he decided to quit his job. It was only at the end of November 1999 that the real vision for Amina’s Wonder Spice evolved. 

Labels were printed for their first two products viz. Chicken Tikka and Steak and Chops and “production” started in earnest at their single bedroom flat. By April 2000 Amina’s Wonder Spice established agents in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This increased the numbers in production and 2 workers were then employed. They also added Mutton Curry, Fish and Prawn and Veg Curry to their range. The single bedroom flat grew small and a move to a 3 bedroom flat was warranted.

 A few months later Crushed Ginger & Garlic was manufactured and bottled. Exciting variations were also added to this product. The year 2001 was earmarked with great increases of supply to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kimberly with Port Elizabeth also joining in that year. Breyani masala was added to the range. Later in 2004, Peri peri braai and Tandoori masalas were introduced. Red and green chilli paste also hit the market. Amina’s Wonder Spice had now become a household name and any product with this label meant quality, value for money and an innovation in cooking.

In 2005 the need for milder products was realised. This gave birth to a very successful product called LEMON & HERB. Two years later (2007) SWEET BARBEQUE and PEPPER STEAK was also added to this type of demand. Our constant calls for a CHICKEN CURRY masala was met at the end of 2007. That year also saw Amina’s Wonder Spice represented at an International Halaal Expo in Abu Dhabi which drew a great response and demand for our products in the international market. Since then our products is being exported to Botswana, Zambia, Dubai and hopefully Mauritius in early 2009.

In 2009, Amina's Wonder Spice won the FNB Small Business Award. It is in this year that the first export order to England was accomplished. In 2010, a new range of "POUR ON" products were launched, including some exciting new products such as Portuguese, Prego, Sweet Chilli and Special BBQ. 

The company has also embarked on a mission for a new factory that will meet the requirements of HACCAP and safety regulations so as to compete and adhere to the international manufacturing standards. These are our immediate goals and may the Al-Mighty assist us in fulfilling these.

Amina’s Wonder Spice has now become a house-hold name and any product with this label means quality,value for money and an innovation in cooking ensuring a " unique taste in a paste."